Live-Stream Your Wedding

Live-Stream your wedding so guests never miss your most precious day again!

At Virtual Weddings, we are looking to revolutionise the way people share their special day using 360° camera technology and smart tech streaming.

We enable couples to have guests attend their wedding through virtual space.

We offer a bolt on live-stream of your ceremony in 360° direct to social media. Or, we can even use a multi-camera set up to a streaming site. We’ll provide you with a fully edited film at the end for you to keep alongside your VR video. The audience is entirely dictated by your own privacy settings, so as many or as few people can attend. It depends on what you prefer! Turn your wedding into the must-watch event of the year. Or even just share a link with close friends and family who can’t make it to the main ceremony. Just before your ceremony begins we will start live-streaming. This will be a camera right next to you while you make your vows. Your virtual guests can watch you from ‘the best view in the house’. Truly experiencing your wedding as a virtual ceremony right before their eyes

We can also live-stream a wedding directly to a VR headset for the full Virtual Weddings effect. When live-streaming, please be aware that a strong internet connection is required at the venue for the broadcast otherwise the quality might suffer. We can test this prior to the big day though!