Mark & Sandra

Mark & Sandra had the most unique wedding at Abbey Hill Golf Centre in Milton Keynes. Their ceremony was held inside the wonderful wedding function room on-site and it was a truly magical occasion. We shot not only the main parts of their ceremony, but we were asked to ensure a special focus on the incredible blues band that they had booked. They felt this was a large part of the theme of the wedding and so we did our best to include it throughout their video.

They opted for the basic package and were incredibly happy with the results. The review Mark left with us is as below:

Without doubt Emma and the team at virtual weddings are totally amazing and the superb films they make of your special days can be viewed at anytime re living those most precious moments in total 360 please please please do yourself a favour and check out what they do……youll be so glad you did, its the way of the future x“[sic]

View the trailer here.

View the full movie here.

Photos by Andy Warner Photography