Virtual Weddings Virtual Reality Wedding Films

Why a Virtual Reality Video?

First and foremost the technology is incredible! It won’t be long before linear video is the old way of doing things and 360° virtual reality filmmaking will be the standard way to capture and preserve your wedding day. With virtual reality film YOU choose what to watch, which direction you want to look in at any given moment in your wedding film. Want to stand right next to yourself and watch as you say your vows? Would you like to stare into your partners eyes as they say I do? How about a chance to look over and see how your best friend Dave reacted when you walked up the aisle? No Problem! This is what Virtual Weddings can give you!

We come with you when you have your photoshoot- a time usually reserved for the photographer & the couple. You can share those intimate moments with others in VR or you can choose to re-watch the way you looked at each other or the way the photographer directed you. That moment the photographer made you laugh you can watch yourselves and then rewind it and look over at the photographer instead! The possibilities are endless with your own Virtual Weddings video!

The technology is incredibly discreet and doesn’t require our operator to be stood next to it so your memories are created for you to re live (almost literally) in the most immersive way available to us.

Our Personal Reason

Secondly, God forbid should anything happen to anyone involved in the wedding but these things do happen – it happened to me! I had an accident that left me with a brain injury and meant I have no memory of my son Rivers first Christmas. If I had access to this technology then I would be able to go back and relive the special events from that time that I have no memories of over and over again…

I bet you weren’t expecting that answer! This is one of the reasons I am so fiercely passionate about what we at Virtual Weddings are creating for people here.