Building A Dream Team

Let’s talk about the importance of a dream team.

After 20 years working as a solo artist and photographer I decided to start Rebel Reportage. This was the corporate side of what I offer with 360 imaging and virtual tours. Then I learnt about building a dream team…

This gave me a sharp insight into staffing and started my crucial route into learning about delegation. Not an easy task for any creative or entrepreneur who has been running their own show for decades. We naturally want to do everything that we are capable of doing and keep that control close to our chest.

This isn’t what is best in business. You have to have staff that you can trust to take on roles. You must also be able to trust them to work to the best of their ability.

Building Virtual Weddings

Over the last year, I have been building Virtual Weddings. Creating the structure beneath the business. Researching, testing and putting myself and my ideas out into the wedding world relentlessly. All to find out what works, what can I best offer and most importantly what people want.

Over the last 9 months, I’ve had various teams setups. I feel like I’ve spent the last few years working out what works for me. The biggest ask you can have of your team is commitment and passion.

No one will be as passionate about your business as you are. Not at first anyway. But when you meet people who want to be a part of your team who are as passionate as you embrace it! This is the key to building your dream team.

Last week at Virtual Weddings we orchestrated a huge promotional shoot. Over the course of two weeks we not only ran the business side of things but I was in full-on film production mode. Luckily I was able to fall back on two decades of directing experience to engage with suppliers and venues and guests and cast and technology but in this time I was necessarily all consumed with making this happen.

Acknowledge and respect your team’s strengths

This is where I was able to fully see the power of the team I have built around me. In that time when I was unavailable my team had my back. Tasks that needed carrying out were executed militantly giving me the headspace to focus fully on creating.

On the day of the shoot, the evidence of my dream team shone brightly resulting in a 100% successful shoot day with minimal stress levels.

I am a big fan of conscious team building and playing to everyone’s strengths. This means having some flexibility in the way your staff does the job you’ve asked them to do.

I’m also fully committed to being brutally honest when a team member isn’t the right fit. Often this isn’t only about the team member’s fit for you but perhaps your business environment and working methods aren’t right for them.  Sometimes working environments don’t bring out the best in people – and some people won’t bring out the best in you. Ultimately the strength of your team is affected by the weakest link

It’s important to retain a level of philosophical thought when deciding to end a working relationship with a team member. Not everyone who starts to work with you will work out. Once you know this is that case embrace it, change it and be open to the next perfect person to come into the team.

Team attitude is crucial to a successful business and that starts with the founder of the business. Ultimately a business owners attitude both personally and their work ethic is entirely responsible for inspiring the top level of the team. This then filters down into the rest of your staff structure so I have learned to always take personal accountability seriously.

Embrace the failures

I have been lucky to have team members, staff and mentors come through the business that aren’t quite right. Each time that’s happened it’s taught me something new about what Virtual Weddings needs in its team and what qualities I need in the people around me.

As much as building your dream team is trial, error and vital learning sometimes you can meet a person and just know that they are the perfect jigsaw piece. When this happens and you start a working relationship that works effortlessly it’s the best feeling in the world!

I’ve learned what I need from a team but ironically I have also learned to be very open to what a new person will bring to the business. Sometimes the magical qualities that a team member will bring weren’t even on your ‘list’ of requirements.

My biggest lesson? A dream team doesn’t consist of people like you – it brings qualities to the table that balance you or adds entirely new and previously missing skill sets to your collective repertoire.

Building a dream team is a journey – enjoy the ride!