Can You Live-Stream Your Wedding?

Can you live-stream your wedding then? Yes you can! Your wedding day is all about celebrating your relationship surrounded by your friends and family. You are sharing your special moment with those who are closest to you. However, sometimes there are reasons that some people can’t attend. Perhaps it is their health or the cost of travel. There are many reasons people can’t make it to the event.

In the past this would have been the end of it, they would have no way to share in your wedding. However, that has all changed. It has become easier and easier to live stream your special day. There are so many options that you can make sure no one misses out, no matter where they may be. Here are a few of the best services you can use and how you can create an unforgettable experience for those who are unable to be there.

Options of Where to Stream:

Facebook Live

Over the last few years everyone’s capability of streaming any live event has become easier and easier. This explosion has really come about with the launch of Facebook Live. This allows you to simply broadcast any live event from your phone. So, you can set up a basic device, such as a smart phone, and click live. This will give your guests access to your event from anywhere around the world. You could create a Facebook group for your wedding and launch the video within that, to make sure it is private. You have everything at your fingertips to live stream your special day.

YouTube Live

I don’t think it will come as a surprise to find that the biggest video streaming website has the capability for you to broadcast live. YouTube Live is much like Facebook live in that you can set up your phone and press go. It’s that easy. The video will then automatically be saved and you can then set your privacy settings how you would like them to be. You can then share it after the event.  This is a very simple way to get your wedding out to your guests who can’t make it.

Google Hangouts on Air (plus YouTube Live)

One of the major benefits of using Google Hangouts on Air, is that people can directly join in.  They can ‘attend’ your live stream, much like a video call. Therefore this allows them to interact with you at the event a little more.  You also have the power to set your privacy as you would like it. One of the other benefits of using Hangouts in this way is that it can simultaneously be streamed onto YouTube too. So, you can have those that attend and interact, and those who just want to view. YouTube Live then saves the broadcast as a video and posts it automatically to your YouTube page (you can set the privacy for this, too). Your attendees can access Hangouts on their computer, tablet, or smartphone, thanks to the app.

Taking Your Live Stream to The Next Level

If you have guests who can’t make it to your day, having a live stream seems a great way for them to share in your special moment. Watching the live video will help them feel involved. However, there is a way you can totally immerse them in your day. You can give them as close to a real experience as you can to being there without actually being there. How? Using 360 video.

Creating That Truly Immersive 360 Wedding

Imagine you have an elderly relative who can’t travel because of health reasons. They would absolutely love to see you, your relatives and share in your special day. However, they can’t and they are really upset they can’t be there. What if you could offer them the possibility of being part of the day and feel they are there at the event?

With 360 video you can create a live stream in which the viewer can look around the whole venue. They can look at people’s faces all around them, share in the moment and experience the special, special day. It would be as close to being there as you could possibly imagine. They would feel they are involved, in the moment with all their family.

Live streaming is no longer just for sports events. You have the power to capture your special day for anyone who can’t make it. By adding a 360 video element to your live stream you can create an experience that is truly immersive and unforgettable. No matter the reasons, anyone who can’t make it can feel truly part of your day.