How to use a Virtual Reality headset to view 360° films

Viewing 360° Films

There is a common misnomer that watching film content in virtual reality is complicated so we have made this video to walk you through the process.

Whether you have a 360° film that we have made you or you want to explore the endless streams of 360° content on YouTube or Facebook we have you covered. Essentially whatever platform you are using and whatever virtual reality film experience you want to have you will operate your tech in the same way.

To experience any of the VR footage thats out there you will need a virtual reality headset and a smart phone. Thats it. Thats not complicated right? If you really want to make your experience immersive get yourself a pair of wireless headphones and you’ll be loving life in virtual reality.

There is a big wide virtual world out there!

If we have made you a Virtual experience we still highly recommend that you have a browse of all the 360° videos in Youtube. The options available are staggering, you can go swimming with sharks with the team from National Geographic or you can ride a roller coaster. There are 360° videos for almost everything you can think of now – get exploring!

Using the Youtube app

It’s really important to note that in order to interact with 360° content on Youtube you must open the app on your mobile device. you won’t have access to the VR goggles platform otherwise.

If we have made a virtual reality film or venue experience for you we will have gone through this process with you as many times as you need us to but maybe you want to refer a friend or potential customer to this video so that we can explain it to them too.

Have a watch of the video and have your virtual reality headset and your smart phone on hand and we can do this together – its super simple when you know how and you will open your eyes and mind to a whole new world!