Virtual Weddings Promo Shoot

Shoot day

Monday the 12th of February was a monumental day at Virtual Weddings. We wanted to showcase what we can do for you. So we decided to use our 20 years of experience in the photography and filmmaking industry. We created a wedding for us to shoot and make a promotional trailer from.

To say that we staged a video shoot massively undersells the scale of what we put together. Over the last two weeks since we decided to make this trailer we have planned almost every aspect of a full wedding day. My respect for Wedding Planners has escalated even higher having been through this process!

The Venue

We were overwhelmed with support from suppliers, vendors and venues.  We had interest from potential couples and our partners in the wedding industry. So much so that we selected the vendors that best complemented the venue, Horwood House. Then we started our database ready to plan for the next shoots in order to utilise the talented services that we were offered.

The Suppliers

We started the day first thing with Joanna from Stardust events who transformed the chairs. She used some of their chair covers and sashes. We worked with the wonderful Hayley from Soirée Events and Sarah from Sarah Maylin Flowers also. For the next few hours they made the wonderland that became our wedding venue.

Add Jenny, our incredibly talented makeup artist. She arrived with Emma before we got there and set up. Ready to make both wedding parties even more beautiful than they already were. Work began early with the youngest bridesmaids before our blushing bride arrived ready for the day ahead. Bridal wear was supplied by Anns Bridal Room. Then we had the bridesmaids’ dresses and the groomsmen dressed by the fabulous Vintage Suit Company.

With the setting outside we welcomed Owen from InstavanPhotoBooth to the wedding. Our guests had the most amazing time staging their selfies inside the van. Even just looking at the beautiful VW was a pleasure. It definitely made for some really fun 360° footage! Guaranteed to be a big part of our final piece. In fact, we shot a few pieces with this – camera outside of the van and camera inside of the van. We used the footage from inside because it clearly gave the viewer the chance to feel as though they were in the van themselves.

We were absolutely blessed to have Jo from Weddingly with us on the day. She was documenting the shoot and offering her wealth of expertise, calm and guidance. In fact, these guys have been a pivotal part of our journey so far and we highly recommend them. No matter if you are a couple or a vendor looking for guidance.

The Celebrant & The Setup

Working with our celebrant Kelly was an absolute pleasure. Together we planned our shots with the bride and groom for the ceremony. We staged the camera in two places. One alongside the groom where we started our footage before the bride made her entrance. This also continued the footage until they were married. At the other end of the aisle was the other camera. This was so we could capture them walking towards and past the camera as they left, married and in love. Getting both of these shots gave us the best of all worlds and a fully-immersive experience for whoever watches back in VR.

With the camera being remotely operated it is safe to say that the couple paid it no attention during the ceremony making the footage irreplaceable for capturing those emotional moments that may otherwise be missed. The couple will effectively be able to stand next to themselves while they exchanged their vows when we give them the footage and the virtual reality headsets.

Next, we got footage of the newly married couple walking out through the guests on their confetti parade. With the bride and groom walking towards and past the camera and the confetti raining down around the camera we were able to create the perfect viewpoint for anyone who experiences the VR 360° footage.

The Photoshoot

Getting footage of the couple during their photo shoot with the amazing Andy Simpson was so much fun and will give the couple the chance to be a bystander during the shoot. This also gives anyone else the chance to be a witness to the intimate moments created in the couple’s photoshoot without infringing on the moment on the day.

When the couple were ‘cutting the cake’ (prop supplied by Shelly of  Labelle Cake Company) we set the camera up and let it roll as the guests congratulated them and they started to relax ready to be whisked away  in the fabulous car  and chauffeur provided by Regency executive travel which we also captured on our 360° cameras. When the bride arrived we popped our camera into the front seat of the car for a moment and captured some 360° footage of the bride and her usher inside the car.

The Tech

With the ever-changing nature of 360° camera technology, we rented our cameras for the day from SpeedVR who we highly recommend, they are on hand to provide the highest quality equipment and have proven to be absolutely reliable in their level of service.

We had the most incredible day and are now busy deep down in the depths of rendering and stitching footage ready to start editing. We will have some clips available over the next few days and our official release trailer will be available on this website as soon as our master editors are finished working their magic.