What Is 360° Video And How Can I Use It?

What is 360° video then? 360° video is on everyone’s lips (and Facebook newsfeeds) right now, it’s everywhere, but what does it entail? The idea of capturing a special moment on camera is nothing new. We have all seen old videos of weddings, birthdays or other important moments in our lives. Through these captured moments we can relive what the day was like, remembering the feelings we had.

However, a traditional video recording is no replacement for the day itself. You can’t get back in the heart of the action. You can’t look around as if you were there or see what is going on behind the camera.

That was until now, 360° video can recreate the whole environment. You can look all around you, be immersed in the event all over again. The closest you can feel like to actually experiencing those moments again without actually traveling back in time.

So, what is 360° video? And how does it all work? And most importantly, how can you experience it?

What is 360° video exactly?

360° videos, which are sometimes also called immersive videos or spherical videos, are video recordings where a view in every direction is filmed at the same time. This gives the viewer the ability to observe the whole recording from every single different angle. It immerses the viewer with the film itself. They can spin around, look who is behind them, in front of them or to the dies. It gives the viewer a visceral sense that they are back in that moment, experiencing the event as it was.

How Does it Work?

By utilising an omnidirectional camera the filmmaker can take shots in total 360°. Often the video is recorded with a variety of cameras, then software is used to ‘stitch’ the images together to form a full view of the entire environment. This provides the viewer with the capability to experience the whole event for themselves.

For example, when someone is watching a video in 360° they can move to the right and the video will move too. So, as a viewer you can move your body with the space of the video and the film will react to that. It will truly feel like you are totally back within the events of the day.

How Can I (and my guests) Experience it For Ourselves?

The next natural question is how can I experience this for myself? Well, there are a number of ways you can view 360° content.

VR Headset

The most sophisticated way you can experience 360° video is a dedicated VR headset, such as the Oculus Rift. This gives you the capability to strap on a headset and immerse yourself totally within the video. You can move around and the video will respond. You will be, once again, the life and soul of the party, mingling and moving through the crowd.

A Mobile Phone Viewer

This is a truly inexpensive way to convert your smartphone into a VR headset. A Viewer is usually made of cardboard and wraps around your phone creating a simple VR headset. Just like the more expensive versions, you can move and the video will move. The most commonly used viewer is the Google Cardboard. It’s a really great option if you wanted to give your guests at your wedding a way of accessing your 360° video.

Desktop or Laptop Computer

It is also now very straightforward to view 360° video on your computer at home. Both YouTube and Facebook support immersive video. The video can be uploaded there and people can scroll around moving through the video as they wish, exploring the event that you have captured.

360° video is the only way to capture an event so you can truly relive it. It is the only way that allows you to be fully immersed in your wedding again without the need for a time machine. Also, with the constantly growing methods for viewing it, it is becoming easier and easier to experience for yourself. There is now no real excuse for not capturing your special day in all its detail for you to truly relive in the future, and share those memories with the ones you love.