Our top 10 destinations for weddings abroad!

For some of us, the idea of getting married abroad is something we always dreamt of. You have always wanted that overseas wedding of a lifetime. But where do you go? What is on offer? We have pulled together a list of the top destinations for weddings abroad. Whether that is walking down the aisle on white sand beaches, saying your vows in front in a cultural capital or lavishing yourself with luxury, we have you covered.

Beach Weddings


The allure of having your wedding on a beautiful beach is strong with many people. Hawaii offers beautiful white sandy beaches, stunning tropical scenery and a relaxed pace of life. There are a number of different areas with beaches to choose from including Maui, Oahu and Kauai.

Price Range: ££££

2. The Caribbean

When people think of the perfect paradise beach wedding, the Caribbean won’t be far from their thoughts. With endless white sand beaches, crystal clear water and relentless sunshine you have everything you need for the dream beach wedding. The colourful food, the vibrant culture and the jungle backdrop, the Caribbean is truly an incredible place to hold your wedding.

Price Range: ££££

European City Weddings

3. Paris, France

How could I list off wedding locations not include the classic romantic city? Paris is the quintessential romantic location. With its iconic buildings and monuments (The Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, The Louvre), its classic Parisian cafes and the wonderful French cuisine, it is truly a destination built for couples. What a glorious way to tie the knot with your loved one surrounding by so many symbols of romance.

Price Range: £££

4. Berlin, Germany

If you want a more modern and hipster wedding location then look no further than Berlin. Germany may not be the first country you think of when getting married but this city oozes cool. With locations that include boats, windmills, palaces and an iconic TV tower, you can really have a wedding that is truly different. Its easy and cheap accessibility from the UK also makes this a great choice for you to hold a unique wedding.

Price Range: ££

Luxury Weddings

5. The Lakes, Italy

Luxury, style and glamour are all words that are associated with the Lakes in Italy. Lake Garda, Como, Maggiore and Orta are often the choices of the stars. The pure beauty of the surroundings would usually be enough, but there are also incredibly luxurious venues to choose from. These include grand castles, opulent villas and lavish yachts. With venues, the jaw-dropping scenery and the service on offer a wedding in the Italian lakes can truly be an experience of pure and unadulterated luxury.

Price Range: £££££

6. Bali, Indonesia

If you want to treat yourself to a truly special, special wedding you could do worse than holding it in Bali. With its lush greenery and palm-fringed beaches, it is truly one of the most beautiful locations on earth. It has a wide variety of luxurious venues to choose from to hold your special day, as well as a wonderfully relaxed Balinese culture. This combination of scenery, venues and hospitality make it a glorious location for a truly indulgent wedding.

Price Range: £££££

Adventure Weddings

7. Underwater in Trang, Thailand

Here’s one for those of you that feel your wedding day needs that extra bit of adventure. This is a traditional Thai wedding ceremony, drawing on old Buddhist practices that takes place once a year underwater. Held on Valentines day every year, the ceremony is a mass wedding for those who want something that is truly different for their wedding.

Price Range: ££££

8. Burning Man Festival, Nevada, USA

If you truly are an adventurous couple then Burning MAn Festival could be the exact location for you to tie the know. Infamous for its acceptance of all types of expression from the attendees. It does not book any acts and claims it is not a festival but a temporary city. It relies on the collaboration between those who come along to create the entertainment. If you want a truly adventurous location to get married, nothing could possibly fit that bill more than Burning Man.

Price Range: ££££


9. Ice Hotel, Lapland, Sweden

When people think of wedding venues abroad, they often think of sun and sand, however, if the cold is more your thing then this is the place for you. They even construct an ice chapel for the actual ceremony to take place. One of the most unique ideas is that you know by the springtime the location you were married will literally have melted away. What could be more unique than that?

Price Range: ££££

10. Spitbank Fort, Hampshire, UK

This venue is a converted sea fort that is only accessible by boat. The fort also has luxurious accommodation and can host 60 guests. It has a totally unique feeling compared to other venues with its water-based location. It is truly a location that will stick you and your guests’ memory.

Price Range: £££

If you are looking to hold your wedding abroad you can do it with the knowledge that you can still make it as accessible as every to all your friends and family. No matter where you are in the world by using 360° live streaming or a 360° VR recorded experience you can give anyone, no matter where they are, the experience of being there in person.

For more information on how to make your wedding abroad a reality, visit the UK governments information website on making it happen.