The Wedding Checklist – 10 Things to Remember

Weddings require a lot of planning – from selecting the wedding dress or suits, cake tastings to searching for the perfect venue, you can forget about important details. However, do not fret— we will carefully explain some things to remember and why.

You may need to create a memorable entrance, carry some wedding essentials, or include cute escort cards. While these things are always exciting to plan, there are some things you shouldn’t forget when planning a wedding.

A Checklist To Help You Plan Your Wedding

1. Remember to put up signs and directions

To ensure that your guests get to the wedding venue without any hitch, you need to put up directions. If your guest gets to the venue on time, your wedding day will definitely run smoothly.

To do this, add a map on your wedding site (if you have one) so the guests will know where they are headed. On the other hand, you can place billboards, signposts, or signage at strategic points, indicating the directions to your wedding venue.

2. Create an exceptional Entrance

It doesn’t matter where your wedding venue is, creating first impressions for the wedding and reception space is very important. Why not personalise the entrance for all the ceremonies? It will create a welcoming atmosphere and make your guests comfortable immediately.

3. Keep a guest book

It requires a lot more than laying attractive pens to make the book look appealing enough for the invitees to sign in. Make sure you show off your artistry by making your wedding an exciting and interactive activity.

4. Don’t forget weather accessories

Are you are getting married in summer? Keep a handkerchief close by and make sure your guest have some. If you are expecting a cold weather, think of wraps and shawls for your guest. Saying I do on a breezy day? Make sure you take extra pins and hairspray.

If it will rain on your wedding, make use of cute umbrellas (especially black) for amusing rain pictures. You can also ask the ladies to wear matching rain boots to create an attractive look.

5. Show off elegant menu cards

Stunning menu cards will help complement the stationery used on your wedding day. Also, it will add a sophisticated touch to the table-scape. So don’t forget to add those!

6. Beauty bag

Yes, dancing or any other wedding activities during the reception is inevitable. Even the perfect and flawless perfect require some touch-ups to remain on top form. Tell your bridesmaid to take along some essentials, including a makeup bag.

Furthermore, if you are short on space, a powder, mascara, and lipstick will suffice. Also, tell your makeup artist or hair stylist to stay close as you may need them unexpectedly.

7. Include attractive escort cards

When you assign seats in a timely manner, your guest won’t have to go through a lot of stress looking for seats at the wedding venue. You can post the escort cards on a board wrapped in colour themed ribbon or bind the cards to a clothesline.

8. Snacks

Remember to bring snacks to the wedding venue! You will be occupied throughout the day with the event, guest, and people. Trust me, hunger will definitely set in. So make certain that you don’t go without food for a long time as eating will help maintain a good energy level. Also, take a lot of fluids or water, particularly during summer.

9. Remember to say thank you

Thank your parents for their support. Thank your bridesmaids, groomsmen, friends and loved ones who helped out during planning. Also don’t forget to thank your guests for gracing the event – your wedding won’t be a success without the input of others. So pick the perfect time to say thank you.

10. Creating the memory to relieve it forever

Remember to spend some time with your spouse and soak in the atmosphere of your special day. With so many things needing your attention after the wedding, you may not remember those special moments and sweet words expressed. We can create you a virtual reality video for your wedding so you can relive the moment over and over again. The video offers the awesome experience of giving you a comprehensive 360° view of your wedding.

If you need to create a virtual reality video of your wedding, contact us today for a free consultation!