Amazing Examples of Tech in the Wedding Sector!

Now for some amazing examples of tech in the wedding sector! Digital innovation is transforming the world bit by bit, and the results are surprising. New technology will impact every industry differently, and the wedding industry is no exception. The wedding industry is a perfect example of how digital innovation is changing the world today. The modern wedding has a lot of gadgets and technology making the whole wedding a better experience for both the guests and the couple. The wonders of technology shall never cease. Did you know that through technology, your children or grandchildren can relive your wedding long after it was done? The quality of photos and videos of today’s weddings are way much advanced as compared to before, and all this is thanks to technology. Let’s take a brief look at some of the best examples of technology used in the wedding sector today:

Virtual Reality

Imagine having your wedding and later getting the chance to relive the experience once again. It’s like you are attending your own wedding! How cool is that? This is what virtual reality presents to the wedding industry. Virtual reality incorporated in a wedding is mind-blowing. Imagine watching a wedding from any angle at a full 360 degrees. With virtual reality, you get to visit your wedding venue of choice from the comfort of your living room. Using VR videography, you will relive the experience after the wedding and experience yourself first hand.

Wedding drones

Drone technology today is used at weddings to capture high quality and impossible shots. The location of a wedding means a lot to the couple, and this is the reason why capturing good shots of the wedding, and the location is important. Drones are even used to drop off the wedding rings at the altar despite the noise and a bit of disruption, its a remarkable and unique way to celebrate your wedding. Drones can get the full area of the venue via aerial footage.

Live streaming

You can choose to do the wedding at a destination venue, and not everyone will be able to attend. However, you can choose to live stream your wedding for the others to experience the same in real-time. Today, almost all social media apps have the live video option, and you can share your memorable moments with people who are a thousand miles away from you. If you want to make it better, get a VR set and stream the wedding in full 360 degrees view. To book a consultation for this, contact us!

Selfie sticks and charging stations

Almost everyone at a wedding today is a photographer, and they want to share the experience with so many other people. This is one reason they carry smartphones to the wedding and selfie sticks to take the personal shots. You can rent some selfie sticks and place one at every table instead of the guests bringing their own. For a charging station, you can gather different cords for Android and iPhones and prop them on a cocktail table at the reception.