Is Virtual Reality Taking Over Our Lives?

Virtual reality is a thing now, and it’s very real and engaging as well. This technology has been spoken of but now it’s a thing to experience, and it’s going to change our lives in different ways. This means that so many people are now versant with VR technology and its endless applications today. Well now that it’s here, how exactly is virtual reality going to change our lives? Is it already taking over our lives? Let’s take a look at the impact of virtual reality in the different fields in our lives.


Today, supermarket attendants are getting trained on how to handle multitudes of customers on different occasions. Another example is the training of pilots. Because, remember virtual reality is used to prepare people in circumstances that in real life would cause body or physical harm. This means pilots can now learn how to handle and land aircraft in different situations. Plus, all this happens outside an airplane and without any risks whatsoever. The pilots are given real-life situations and taught how to handle them in VR mode.

Health sector

Similar to the training of pilots, medical practitioners also get to receive training and education through the use of VR. This is a way that they can practice their prowess safely. This also means they aren’t putting anyone’s life in danger. As an example, a surgeon can now perform surgery on a person who is a thousand miles away. Virtual reality helps the doctor control and guide the machines on the other end using nerve receptors.


In learning, virtual reality is increasing the efficiency of education. How? This is because we learn by not only reading a book but actually experiencing something in AR. Meaning it sticks better in the memory. Learning becomes practical making it more efficient. For example, even solving complex issues becomes faster. This means you can immerse yourself in such kind of a situation and learn how to solve the problem in real life.


This is a general term, and here it represents gaming and watching films. This is one field where the use of virtual reality has excelled in. 3D can’t even compare to VR. The gaming experience becomes much better and immersive. When playing any game, you immerse yourself in that field and get to experience what the player is ought to feel.

In watching movies, imagine watching a movie from a 140-foot screen. It’s fully immersive giving you an experience like no other. You get to explore the movie and at your own pace experiencing what the actor is experiencing and in real time. You are closer to the action, and it feels more real as compared to watching it on 3D in your sitting room.

Test drives

With the help of virtual reality, you can do a test drive of any car you want without having to go to the dealership. In the fashion industry, the tech is used to help people try on clothes. For the architects, using virtual reality is a boom in their businesses. You get to let a client walk through your designs before they are actualized. The client gets an immersive feeling of what they will feel like in the house once it’s done making them more receptive to designs as compared to showing and explaining the same on a piece of paper.