Our Top Wedding Destinations Abroad

Let’s outline our top wedding destinations abroad. A destination wedding opens you up to an endless list of top locations to hold your memorable big day. It doesn’t matter whether you have decided to elope, or you want to celebrate with close friends and family. A destination wedding is the best solution. Imagine having to go to a wedding which is an adventure in itself. Celebrating with your partner in a place a bit different from the regular. Beautiful spots make the day fun and give you rich experiences.

Here are the top wedding destinations abroad and your choice won’t be judged.


Getting married in a country with excellent cuisine and the home of some of the best wine is a dream come true for so many couples. Italy hosts some beautiful wedding destinations especially for those looking for something unique. For a luxurious wedding, the Amalfi Coast or Puglia have you sorted.

If you want to get married surrounded by old Italian traditions and culture, the old town of Sorrento in Italy or Rome the ever touristy and historical destination.


This is one of the best tropical wedding destinations. It has a balmy all year round climate with crystalline seas and white beaches matching the wedding dress. It’s a beach wedding like no other. Its an ideal island paradise for celebrating the big day. The best time in Antigua is between June-November to avoid the rainy season and enjoy your honeymoon in peace.

St Lucia

If you are the adventurous type of couple looking for an action-packed celebration of the big day, St Lucia is a fantastic island that offers everything you need. It has ethereal topic beauty covered with scenery that will make you swoon. It’s the best and most iconic landmark here and offers a wide selection of venues and swanky resorts. Experience out of this world exotic foliage here and wildlife that the Rainforest Reserve has to offer.


One of the most coveted and budget-friendly wedding destinations is in Croatia. If you are looking for a stylish wedding on a budget, check out this as one of the top wedding destinations abroad. It has a beautiful coastline and also offers pine groves, blissful lakes and nature reserves giving you a wide range of fantastic wedding settings. For the best, head to UNESCO World Heritage Site in Dubrovnik which is an excellent wedding set facing a pretty harbor.


If a beautiful sunset in your country sets you in the right mood, then this destination will astound you. It’s rated to have some of the best and most beautiful sunsets in the world. It’s a classy Greek Island that is recently flocking with soon-to-be-weds trying to get a glimpse of their big celebration. Did you know that Santorini is a favorite for the Kardashians? (if you are not a fan don’t hold that against the island). Most couples choose to tie the knot at the secluded beaches of Santorini on the unique White, black and red volcanic sands before smashing a few plates of the famous Greek cuisines.