Meet Andy – Our Newest Addition!

A New Chapter for Virtual Weddings

Meet Andy Our Newest Addition. We hope you’ve all had an absolutely wonderful Christmas and New Year! It’s been a busy old festive period for all of us at Virtual Weddings, but it’s been made a little more manageable by a wonderful new addition to our team. This gentleman goes by the name of Andy Warner. We’re so excited to introduce you all to him and to showcase exactly what he brings to the VW team. So, to start, let’s tell you a little about him.

Who’s Andy Then?

Andy is a talented photographer based in Milton Keynes but with experience in shooting all around the country. He’s earned his stripes in portrait, fine art and wedding photography with a portfolio that truly does speak for itself. We asked Andy a few questions so you could all get to know him a little better, here’s the results:

Q: What do you do within Virtual Weddings?

A: Having been involved with Virtual Weddings from the start it took a little while to make it official but in 2019 I joined the team on a full time basis. I now work alongside Emma on the day to day running of the company, creative direction and even on the day shooting.

Q: What experience do you have?

A: I have worked as a photographer for over 20 years now with 14 of those years working as a wedding photographer. I still shoot regular weddings as a photographer making Emma and I a perfect on the day team for your wedding.

Q: What would be your dream wedding?

A: I like things simple, a typical english county wedding is just perfect. You don’t need to spend tens of thousands just make it personal and let us have a great time.

Q: Name some of your hobbies!

A: The reality is, photography was a hobby before it was a job so that goes without saying. But aside from that I love to snowboard and i train in Brazilian Jiu jitsu.

Q: What’s your favourite food?

A: Anything full of sugar…

Well, from those we can tell Andy is a perfect match for the VW team! We knew that already, but it’s confirmed now.

Andy Warner Photography & Virtual Weddings Join Forces

Andy’s photography website can be found here and we do recommend giving it a browse. Andy’s photography has been available as a bolt-on to our wedding video packages for awhile now, but having his experience full time will really increase what we offer to our clients.

Not only is this a strong development on the side of Virtual Weddings, there are even bigger ideas bubbling away in the pot. Do keep your eyes peeled, we’ve got so much to come!

Want to see how much it’ll cost to add Andy’s expert photography into your wedding day? View our packages!