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Lauren Hills – I Do Marketplace

Have you checked out the I Do Marketplace?

We love it when we have visitors to the office and Lauren Hills was no exception! Lauren owns a company called the I Do Marketplace which is an easy-to-use wedding directory and planning hub. They’ve got everything on there ranging from venues to jewellery and from videography to favours and stationary. It’s worth giving the link a click and seeing what they do!

Now, let’s get back to the day itself. We gave Lauren the full VW experience with the latest Oculus Go headset. We fully immersed her into a couple of 360° VR wedding videos and the results speak for themselves…

Watch the Vlog

Virtual Weddings – VLOG – Episode 1 Lauren Hills

One of the things we love the most about demonstrating these headsets is the inevitable smiles and laughter. We took Lauren and transported her straight onto the dancefloor where she could listen to the music, feel the atmosphere and even dance with some of the guests. This experience is one that is better to be seen than heard, the actual level of immersion is unreal.

“Do you know what? It makes you feel REALLY happy because you’re like, AT the wedding!” – Lauren Hills

Don’t Just Watch, Be a Part of it!

After we had a little dance, we took Lauren outside of the venue into the beautiful surroundings of Newton Longville. This particular wedding was set in a Tipi by a beautiful lake with an incredible view.

Want to see the wedding video for yourself? Click here.

“There’s a lake just here, cloudy, but it’s sunny on that side”. – Lauren Hills

Well, that was fun!

We really enjoyed sharing this experience with Lauren. The emotional response we see every time really illustrates why we do what we do. The smiles, the laughter (we’ve even had tears!) and the energy that a viewer experiences are truly something magical to experience. As Andy mentioned, this would be multiplied ten-fold if it was their friends or their own wedding video.

We truly believe that this is something that needs to be seen to be believed. Immerse yourself into 360° video and audio, experience the future of wedding videography. Whether you catch us at a wedding show or contact us to book a free demonstration we would LOVE to give you a chance to try out the Oculus Go. We are currently taking bookings for couples as well as venues/suppliers within the industry.