MK Wedding Show - VR Wedding Video

Vlog #2 – The CMK Wedding Show

So first of all, we’d love to welcome you in to our second ever vlog. This time we’ve stuck true to ourselves and we’ve produced the whole thing in 360°. We’ll talk to you a little about the product and give you an idea how it works. You can also join us as we show you around our stand & the fair.

Have you ever imagine what it’d be like stood on the cat walk at a wedding show? Well, watch the video to find out…

Watch The Vlog

Click below to watch Vlog #2: CMK Wedding Show. See if you can spot Andy pulling funny faces at the camera… (Don’t worry, we guarantee not to pull funny faces at your wedding… promise)

The Wedding Show

The show overall was a busy one, but very fun. We had such an amazing time meeting all of the other suppliers! Demonstrations seemed to be non-stop with a constant stream of couples visiting. We found that the beauty of the VR headset is that it’s so new and exciting. This immediately sparks interest and gets people talking, which we love.

We didn’t have as much time to shoot video as we would have wanted. This was due to how busy the show was. We can tell you we wouldn’t have it any other way! We had great fun demonstrating the 360° during that time… Did you choose to look at Emma or Andy? Answers on a postcard please…

The Videos

One thing we are adamant about, is that 360° video is a lot more exciting when viewed through a VR headset. Most of our packages come with the latest Oculus Go headset, as modelled by Andy & Emma in the video.

During the fashion show, you can also see how the 360 camera is operated. You can spot Emma & Andy (It’s like Where’s Wally?!) in the video. Emma is controlling the camera remotely from her phone. Andy even disappears back to the stand, that’s how easy it is. This is one point we love to scream about when it comes to weddings. We can have a small crew, stood in the background (as opposed to in the middle of the ceremony) and still capture everything that is happening around you.

Make sure you watch until the end where you can see how guests react. People not only love to interact with the camera, but are impressed and amazed at the resulting videos. If we missed you at the show, contact us today for a free private demonstration!