Getting Married at the Beach

The Most Beautiful Locations Around The World to Propose

The time has come now, and you feel the urge to propose. This is a very important phase in life, and everything has to be done out of love and romantically. This applies to even the location where you choose to propose. It is a significant moment in your life leading to the best and memorable event in life, and you have to get it right. You need one of the most beautiful locations around the world to propose.

Did you know that the location where you propose is a huge determinant of the answer you get? It’s a matter of choice. Do you want to propose to your significant other at your aunt’s 56th birthday surrounded by her guests or do you want to sweep them off of their feet to a romantic location in Paris? The choice is yours. From the latter, you might get a question instead of an answer, “You really think this is a good time to propose?” and from the former, a yes is the most probable answer.

Here are some of the most beautiful and romantic locations to propose:

Terrass hotel Rooftop in Paris

A Paris proposal is one of the best and romantically inclined partners become emotional at the suggestion of a trip there. Most people think of the Eiffel tower, but it’s not the best. It’s a beautiful architectural feat, but it’s not a place where you get the memorable romantic atmosphere. The rooftop of Terrass hotel has a spectacular view of Paris and the shadow of the Eiffel Tower casting on you on the 7th floor. They have amazing food at affordable prices and a perfect place for a romantic dinner before you pose the question.

The Shard London

Picking a place to propose in London can be daunting as it is a huge city. It has spectacular parks and a history of romance in its ornate buildings present in every corner of the city. At the top of the Shard, you can pop the question while you admire the city of London in its top glory. It’s the tallest building in the UK, but the answer yes to the question makes it feel like heaven on earth. The building has six restaurants between the 32nd and 52nd-floor serving excellent cuisine and drinks.

Mystique Hotel Santorini, Greece

One of the most romantic islands in the world is Santorini and the most enchanting. For couples who appreciate magnificent beauty, this is the place to be with blue-domed churches and beautiful cliff towns. The luxurious Mystique Hotel is set atop a cliff overlooking the Santorini caldera. You can wait for the sun to start sinking in the dazzling sea and in that beautiful moment pop the question.

The Cliffs of Mother Ireland

This is the ultimate romantic destination for most people. It’s an Emerald Isle filled with lush green rolling hills, beautiful beaches, seaside villages and dramatic cliffs. It’s the ideal place to propose especially for the couples who love adventure with soaring cliffs stretching for miles. If you can time for the late spring and summer months, the beauty is added with colorful wildflowers on the cliffs.

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