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3 Tips to Create Amazing Wedding Memories

There are many tricks to creating amazing wedding memories. Technology today has come a long way and it has made an impact on every industry out there. The wedding sphere has also not been left behind by technology. Today, people are using modern technology like high tech wedding rings and such to enrich their wedding experiences. To create some amazing wedding memories, your wedding has to be unique to you and the guests as well. Here are three tips to make that happen for you:

360° videos

Virtual reality for weddings is not in the future anymore. It is the reality now and people are using it for an immersive wedding experience. VR wedding films let you enjoy different angles of the wedding after the event has already taken place. Imagine one of your grandparents who couldn’t attend the wedding being able to attend it through virtual reality. It’s amazing!

You can also use VR to let your future children attend and enjoy your wedding, even though they aren’t born yet. To make things better, you also get to attend your own wedding and experience the real emotions of your beautiful friends and family.

Using 360° video during your wedding creates memories and experiences that can be felt way after the wedding. You can have your grandkids attend your wedding in the future and feel like they were there on the day. Contact us today to discuss your VR wedding film!

Photo booths

Making your wedding memorable involves the guests taking as many pictures together as possible. Photos are the core of a wedding. You have your own photographer but what about your guests who have come together to enjoy the day with you? It is so much fun if you have a photo booth where you can take photos with your guests. The guests between themselves can even create their own memories and have photos of them.

To make things better, technology has spiced things up and there are photo booths today that create GIFs. Three to five photos are taken and attached to make a wonderful shareable GIF. Give your guests a reason to smile and a way to enjoy your day and keep the memories using a photo booth.

Digital Guestbook

This is one important accessory that make the couple have amazing memories of the special day. You are the focus of the wedding and it is almost impossible to take note of everyone in attendance. Assuming you have a 300 guest list and everyone attends some with their siblings. Even if you don’t have so many guests, this can be a great way to keep track of everyone for thank you cards or anniversary invitations.

The guestbook is a record of people who chose to share the best day of your life with you and every day, those signatures, heartfelt messages, notes and quotes will forever be important to you as a couple. A digital guestbook can be created using a tablet and you can even include photos! Every guest could snap a selfie and leave a message on their way into your wedding. How cool is that?