WOW Factor Wedding Venues Across the UK pt. 2

Wedding Venues Across the UK

Planning a wedding is hectic and has to be done meticulously. One of the toughest decisions to make when planning for a wedding is choosing a wedding venue. Once this is done and out of question, the other wedding plans start flowing smoothly. However, you can’t plan for a wedding whose venue isn’t even known without missing details. So my advice here is, choose a wedding venue first and let the other things flow in.

Here are some of the perfect wedding venues to choose form on the UK:

Hedsor house

If you have watched the Pirates of the Caribbean and would want to follow Johnny Depp, this is the place he would recommend. According to him, it’s an absolutely amazing venue and its beauty can’t be summed up in one day. It has its own half mile long drive and designed by the same architect who did Somerset House.

The Gillyflower, Elmore Court

Where else can you find a wedding venue specifically made for a party? The Gillyflower in Elmore court, Gloucestershire, was built and soundproofed with a wedding party in mind. You won’t be bothering anyone with your merry and celebrations so go ahead and have fun.

Skibo Castle

If you would ever want to follow in the footsteps of celebrity’s lime Guy Ritchie and Madonna, then the Skibo Castle is the place to be. It has 7500 acres of highland to explore and it’s an exclusive member only castle set on an ancient Viking’s fort. A classic wedding would be perfect in this location.

30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin)

If you don’t have the fear of height, then the 30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin) is a perfect wedding venue. It is on top of one of London’s highest and popular skyscrapers. You can take your vows here as your guests enjoy the spectacular views of the city on the top two floors. It’s one of the few skyscrapers where you enjoy a 360-degree view of London as you say your vows.

Fennes, Essex

The breathtaking manor house of Fennes is set as one of the most stunning wedding venues with amazing views all over. Set in the countryside of Essex, its perfect for a summer wedding and home to some of the best garden views and the bridge over the lake makes it an incredible spot for photos whose memories last a lifetime.

Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel, Stranraer

Maybe you only hear of a lighthouse but you have never been inside one. If you have, imagine saying your vows in such a view. The Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel in Stranraer is one of those places. The views here, the atmosphere and fresh air are in abundance spicing up your wedding in the UK.

The Savoy London

It’s a stylish, beautiful and fabulous wedding venue in London. The iconic hotel is a go to place for glamorous events, lavish affairs and glittering soirees since the day it was opened. It makes an elegant wedding venue and a dream setting for an unforgettable wedding.

Thinking of planning a wedding at one of these amazing venues? Contact us to discuss further!