VR Wedding Video in VR Headset

Why We Love Virtual Reality

There is a lot of fuss going around about virtual reality. Articles are popping up on the news everywhere, and there is a lot of excitement out there. Virtual reality is now closer to users with smartphone compatible VR gear already in the market. Everyone used to say virtual reality is coming soon but now it’s here, and people are embracing it in different fields. Starting from education, medicine, weddings and the obvious in entertainment like games and watching movies. Virtual reality today is a success.

Is there any place in the world you want to visit but it’s only in reach in your dreams? The dream might not yet be achieved, but you can enjoy the location with Virtual Reality. It’s like you can now teleport to any place in the world using VR. Instead of buying the expensive £600 ticket, you can enjoy it right in front of your eyes. The VR experience is so immersive that you lose the fact that you are sitting in your living room and you become aware only of the virtual surrounding.

Imagine watching your favorite movies on a screen as huge as 140 foot. You get to watch a movie as though you were in a movie theater. Entertainment is one of the fields that VR has excelled in. Ranging from playing games, watching movies and performances. There are no limitations on the entertainment field as far as VR is concerned. Different companies are indulging themselves in the VR world today with Sony diving in the ring with the release of PS4 VR. This has seen a huge surge in popularity as of late!

Virtual Reality – A Medium

Virtual Reality is not a toy as perceived by some people but it’s a medium, and its applications are endless. VR allows people to engage in dry runs in circumstances that risk bodily or physical harm in any way. Today, a surgeon can perform a virtual surgery while he is thousands of miles away. The surgeon guides real-world tools using haptic feedback and other sensory inputs. In the fashion industry, the technology is being used to help people try on clothes and create designs virtually.

In the education sector, the possibilities are also endless. The technology will increase the efficiency of education. Whenever we learn anything not only by hearing and reading it in a book but by listening and actually doing it, it sticks in our long-term memory. Virtual reality will give people the chance to learn and do complicated things with ease.

One application of virtual reality that is most interesting is its application in weddings. Imagine experiencing a wedding in virtual reality. It adds to the fun and the experience of the wedding in general. Incorporate virtual reality in your wedding and give your friends, family, and guests a different taste of a wedding with the latest technology incorporated. Contact us today to discuss having a Virtual Reality Wedding Film!