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The Most Beautiful Locations Around the World to Propose pt. 2

Our list of the Most Beautiful Locations Around the World to Propose – Part 2

Venice, Italy

It is known as one of the most beautiful locations around the world for love. Countless people, even celebrities, have chosen to wed here. There is an incredible amount of romance that oozes from the city every day. The city has beautiful gondola-filled canals, hidden bridges and cobblestoned alleys making the city captivating. For a perfect setting for love in the city, you can visit Piazza San Marco or Doge’s Palace and propose.

Amazon River Cruise, Peru

This location goes out to the exotic wildlife lovers and adventurers. The Amazon River, which is the worlds second longest, is the ideal place for anyone to propose. Take a cruise along this mighty waterway and enjoy the view of the playful amazon river dolphins, tamarin monkeys, jaguars, manatees, blue hyacinth macaws and much more spectacular views. The sounds of the jungle showcase unforgettable music, creating one of the happiest moments of your lives together giving you the ideal place to pop the question. It’s a location like no other.

Sitka, Alaska

Have you ever watched the 2009 movie “The Proposal”? This place was the setting for the movie and its brilliant. If you want to get off the grid and enjoy astounding wilderness sceneries, this is the perfect spot. There are a lot of places to propose here such as; traveling up a mountain with a view of the wilderness, going up in a float plane and much more. The place also has romantic getaways like the Alaska Ocean View Inn that offers rooms with hot tubs and fireplaces with delicious meals served overlooking the waters.

Orange Tree Garden, Rome

To successfully propose in Rome, you have to time it well to avoid disrupting the many people trying to take selfies. The Orange Tree Garden Aventine Hill is a beautiful scene where you can watch the sunset over Rome making it a perfect spot for a proposal. The Giardino isn’t so busy with people, but it’s not like trying to propose in Rome. Get a bottle of Italian wine, a picnic supper, and a ring then let the magic happen.

Lake of Love, Bruges

Bruges is a beautiful dining city that can leave you spoilt for choice for a celebratory dinner after the proposal. The proposal, however, can take place at the Lake of Love or Minnewater which is an enchanting place surrounded by turreted houses. Legend has it, that the lake was named after Minna, a young girl who was in love with a boy from another rival tribe. According to the legends, they were unable to be together, and the girl died of heartbreak. Still on the same, if you cross the bridge over the lake and kiss your partner there, your love is said to last forever. If you are up to it, this is a perfect place for popping the question and a fantastic intro too.

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