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Wedding Expectation Vs Reality: Avoid Getting Caught Off Guard

We know you’re full of wedding expectation and excitement, however, the reality isn’t always the way we planned it. One of the most joyous days in life is your wedding day. It’s one of the days when everyone comes together and they are all happy for the couple. No one wants their wedding day to bring unexpected surprises and everyone does whatever possible to avoid that. There are things however that happen and catch you off-guard.

Practicing your vows

The whole wedding process has been hectic and stressful and you are barely making it to the last day. With your mind all caught up in the preparations, you forget to practice your vows. Your best man/lady might be wise enough to stuff a paper in their pocket with the written vows but what if they don’t? Always be prepared and practice your vows early enough or ensure you have them written so you don’t lose your train of thought on the day! That’s one way to ruin any wedding expectation!

Pick up your marriage license

Some countries have a minimum waiting period between the actual wedding and the time you pick up your marriage license. On the same, most of the marriage licenses have an expiration date if not used by that time once you pick them. You have to be cautious not to apply too far in advance and find the license is expired or apply too late and the wedding day comes and the license is not ready yet.

Check in with your suppliers

This can be as simple as a phone call or an email to confirm they have everything they need for the wedding. Don’t assume it’s their job so they know all they need and have it days before the wedding. If you have a wedding planner, call them and ensure everything is in order days before the wedding.

Try on your outfit

Might sound absurd but it’s extremely important. You might be surprised to find your zipper is stuck on your wedding day and that alone can ruin the whole day. Do a dress rehearsal before the wedding to check if everything is okay Your suit might be super fitting and awesome when standing but try to sit down and it rips. This isn’t the kind of embarrassment you want on the wedding day.

Have a backup plan for everything

When it comes to weddings, no matter how well you had planned for it, something always goes wrong. Most of the time, the couple has a wedding planner who has foreseen this and made a plan to counter it. If you don’t have a wedding planner, delegate duties to any groomsmen and/or bridesmaids as well as other people like close friends who want the best for you. You never know, your makeup might come off, your only piece of paper with the vows might get lost, it might start raining and you were to say your vows outside. What if the unexpected happened? Would you panic or would you or someone else sort it out for you before it became chaotic?

With all the wedding expectation in the world, no wedding is perfect and it doesn’t matter if you have the best planner in the country but something will deviate out of plan. However, being ready for anything gives you the confidence to keep your head held high.

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