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Will Virtual Reality Ever Rule the World?

Virtual reality is definitely going to change the world there is no doubt about that. So many aspects in the world today are getting revolutionized by virtual reality including gaming, medicine, wedding entertainment and much more. The impact of virtual reality in the world just can’t be ignored.

Virtual Reality Education

Education is one of the fields where virtual reality is making significant impact. Education is the foundation of a thriving society and transfer of knowledge is a priority for civilizations all over the world. But how exactly will virtual reality make knowledge transfer easier, quick and more effective?

The first thing is VR enhances student engagement by transforming content delivery in classrooms. When students read about something, they want to experience it but its only possible in their minds. With virtual reality, this is now possible. It’s difficult to forget an experience when compared to something you read in a book. People learn best by doing and in the current education system, little learning happens by doing. This is a brilliant way to make lessons more accessible for different learning types.

Virtual Reality Holidays

Ever heard of a virtual holiday? It is a thing and now people can travel the world from the comfort of the couch. Imagine having to skip the long airport queues, bad airport food, delays, cramped seats, and other hassles you go through when going abroad! Instant relaxation.

With VR, you can travel to the world’s best destinations and immerse yourself into things all from the comfort of your home. You only have to download the holiday packages you want and with VR, you experience these destinations, sights and sounds in real-time.

A company in Japan is offering virtual reality flights and visits to destinations like Paris on the first class seats of a simulated plane.

Ready Player One

The movie Ready Player One is a good description of a potential VR future and it shows how close the world is to achieving this future. In the movie, the characters use VR and they are transported to the year 2045 where everything is done in virtual reality. Most of what Wade Watts does in the movie is science fiction and you might not be able to do it but the technology is far closer to being real than most people think. From Wade’s wireless VR headset to the tactile gloves and body suits that make the VR experience a reality. We just hope it doesn’t end up with the same dystopian globe ;)!

Take a closer and deeper look at the movie and the technology used and you realize the world is about to get a reshape from all the applications of VR.

Assuming you are a real estate agent and you want to take a client to a hose viewing. With VR, you can do it without stepping outside of your office and you can take as many people as you like in one day.

The military is using VR to train soldiers in different situations like fighting disciplines, hand to hand combat in severe conditions and more.

The applications of VR are limitless and soon, the world is going to experience the true colors of VR. We not only welcome this future, but we’re actively encouraging it. Speak to us today to book your Virtual Reality Wedding Film!