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Newest Wedding Technology of 2019!

Planning a perfect wedding day is a hassle and a lot is involved, not to mention knowing about the newest wedding technology. What if you had a way of entertaining the guests and yourselves too on your wedding day. Something that is unique and so immersive that tales will be told of your wedding and how much fun it was? Well, technology is here to make this possible for you.

Here are some of the best wedding technologies in 2019

High tech wedding rings

Wedding rings are a symbol of love and unity and technology is giving the rings an upgrade. You can pair these with apps that track your diet, exercise, heart rate, sleeping patterns and much more. There is also the wedding projector ring. The rings are the same size as the traditional rings but with these, you can light-project photos of your wedding day onto a flat surface.

GIF photo booths

It’s all about the photos and memories when it comes to a wedding. Photo booths now have an upgrade with new machines offering animations in the form of GIFs for your wedding visitors. You can still get the still images and printouts you love and with the GIF booth, several images are attached producing amazing sharable GIFs.

Virtual Reality

The use of VR in weddings today is a reality. You can capture your wedding in 360 degrees never missing a single moment. With this, you can be placed back to the wedding day virtually and experience the day all over again. Imagine giving your kids an experience of your wedding day years after the date has passed. Magic! Contact us to discuss your VR wedding video!


Technology today has produced inexpensive high quality imaging equipment and social media advancements that that make live wedding streaming possible. You might have some people who really wanted to attend your wedding but they couldn’t. that’s not a problem anymore as they can be part of the experience via live wedding streaming.

3D printing

3D printing makes an excellent addition to your wedding. Wedding professionals today can make a 3D printed cake with the wedding couple as the action figures on the cake. You can also use 3D and virtual reality to plan your décor, take a tour around your wedding venues and much more.

Selfie sticks and charging stations

A wedding is a party and your friends are here to help celebrate with you. Pictures on this day are paramount and to keep the party going, you can add selfie sticks and charging stations to your wedding. No one has to be left out without a picture or because their phones decided to suddenly chicken out on them. You only have to gather a bunch of cords for both android and iPhones and prop them on a cocktail table at the reception.

Exits with driverless cars

This is an excellent idea to wow your wedding guests. Driverless cars are no longer in test mode and having a driverless car pick you up at the end of the day is just amazing. Make it a technological exit and show the supremacy of technology as you leave!

We hope you enjoyed reading our summary of the newest wedding technology in 2019! We’d love to talk to you about your wedding and show you some of our incredible VR wedding videos! Contact us today!