10 Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

One of the most important days of your life is here, but there are some common wedding mistakes to watch out for. It is supposed to be the best and most joyful day of your life but unfortunately something has gone wrong. It’s not unheard of, it can happen to anyone, however we’ve put together a list of common mistakes so you can avoid them early. Being ready and having everything organised before the wedding day is easier said than done. Here are some of the wedding mistakes to avoid to make the day full of wonder and happiness.

Wedding Planners or Wedding Mistakes?

This is a mistake in itself. There is no way you can be able to handle everything yourself and expect it to flow smoothly. If you don’t have the budget for a wedding planner, delegate the duty to a person who in turn delegates other duties to other people. This way you won’t break down from the pressure and stress of the wedding. Your friends can be a great help here!

Dress rehearsals

This is important if you want to have a team of well-dressed people. Make sure the guys do a fitting before and the ladies as well. The couple should also participate in the fitting. Some of the groomsmen hire their tuxes and might be hesitant to check on the right size. Make sure they do before the special day.


You can point out a few things here and there but you shouldn’t micromanage. This can be a common wedding mistake! You have a wedding planner for that and if not, you have delegated the roles to trustworthy and able people. Give them space.

Practice your vows

Better yet, have the best man/maid of honour stuff a paper with the vows in their pocket. The wedding involves a lot of anxiety and sometimes, the beauty of your partner can mesmerize you and your mind goes blank. The written vows save the day.

Avoid bachelor/bachelorette parties the night before your wedding

Whatever you do, don’t hold a party the night before your wedding. Your friends might scream its safe and convince you but strange things happen. You might find yourself in New York the next morning and your wedding is miles away. Do it a week or three days before. Plus, who wants to be hungover on their wedding day?!

Messing up the marriage license

Get familiar with the rules surrounding marriage licenses. Get the license before the wedding but not too early in advance lest it expires. Also not too late lest you don’t get it on time. Bring your divorce papers if you are marrying for the second time.

Blowing off the wedding budget

Come up with a budget and stick to it tooth and nail. One mistake people make is making purchases and start booking vendors without a budget. The results are you end up using all your money and you don’t have half the things you need for the wedding.

Ordering the wedding dress late

This should be done latest six months before the wedding day especially if the dress is to be custom made or made overseas. If the dress requires alterations, you have enough time to do it without pressure.

Photographer, Videographer or wedding mistakes?

Nothing is as important as the photos and video on the wedding day. Get a budget for the videographer and remember their dues are finalized after they deliver. Don’t spend all you have and leave nothing to settle the videographer’s balance when they deliver. We can provide this service in full 360 degrees for you, click here to contact us!

Underpaying the invitation postage

Invitations have to be sent earlier and caution taken when paying for the postage stamps. Otherwise you will have them sent back with the insufficient postage stamp which will cost you more and take more time. Save the energy and double check to avoid this, and other, wedding mistakes.