10 Of The Strangest Weddings We Have Heard Of

We’ve done some research to find the strangest weddings we could find. Did you hear of the woman who married herself and blamed men for cheating on herself leading to a breakup with herself? People do (and marry!) some weird things in this world.

Here are some of the strangest weddings we have heard of…

The Dog Wedding

As crazy as it sounds, it’s also very true. People bring dogs together and have them married with a gown, flowers and everything. It’s similar to a human wedding only that the couple here are dogs who are supposed to live together after the wedding. How do they even say their vows? Bark!

Wizard wedding

Wizards exists in the world today as well as in the harry potter series where they even have wizard wedddings. On this one, two wizards came out and decided to get married but their rituals and wizard traditions are out of this world. But wait, who would actually attend?

Man marries car

This particular one went down one knee and proposed to the car then later went ahead and married it. How did the car say yes and the vows, were they engine revs or honks?

The man who married a donkey

We’ve heard of people falling in love with their pets, but this one really takes the (donkey?) biscuit. The man married the donkey and had people and other donkeys as witnesses! One of the strangest weddings ever?

Woman marries a train station

She claimed to have loved the train station for more than thirty years and she was 45 years old. She is from California and takes a 45 minute bus ride to the train station every single day to spend time with the building (her spouse).

The naked wedding

This happened where a couple of naked couples did a wedding together. They weren’t completely naked but even the priest who officiated the wedding only had underwear on!

The Bungee Wedding

Imagine choosing to say your wedding vows on a bungee jump! It is definitely a nice way of jumpstarting your wedding. It’s actually a tradition that has gained popularity over the years. Would you do it?

The 110 bridesmaid world record

Imagine the stress most brides go through as they try to pick two or three bridesmaids for their wedding. When this is happening, one bride had 110 bridesmaids in one wedding. She was definitely the happiest of brides. She was a gymnastic teacher form Ohio and all of her young students were bridesmaids.

Woman leaves wall for fence

Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer, 54, was married to the Berlin wall for 29 years. She left the wall for a garden fence after the wall was destroyed in 1989. She claims to have had a full loving relationship with the wall. Did she just cheat on the wall with a garden fence?

The Anime Hologram wedding

Akihiko Kondo spent more than 18 thousand dollars in an event where he married an anime hologram. He wedded a cyber celebrity Hatsune Miku a 3D laser image. The school administrator said that’s what makes him happy despite pressure by the society and advises people to go for what makes them happy.

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