How to Use Technology to Delight Your Wedding Guests

As the wedding season moves into full swing, couples are looking into different ways on how to make the wedding day more fun and memorable to the guests. The day is all about the couple but they also have to make plans for the guests to be entertained and share good memories with them. Technology provides some of the best ways on how to delight your wedding guests through these pieces of tech:

360-degree video

Today, 360-degree video services are more readily available because social media sites like Facebook and YouTube have launched support for it. With 360-degree video, your friends, family and loved ones who were not part of the wedding can feel what it was like to attend the ceremony. They can now feel like they were there during the wedding with VR. Days, weeks, months or even years after the wedding, the guests can also experience the full magic of the day.

Wedding cake projection mapping

Choosing the flavors to go in a cake & deciding what it should look like on the outside are some of the most daunting things to choose. Do you go for a simple or colorful and sophisticated design? All these questions are best done with cake projection mapping. Your guests get to enjoy a colorful, sweet and mesmerizing cake. Nothing like they have ever eaten before. The cake can be transformed into almost anything you could imagine. Now that is cool!

Drone photography

How else will you get perfect aerial photos and video shots? With this technology, you can have a picture of all your wedding guests bundled together in one photo frame. You also get to capture breathtaking shots and unique angles of the venue, guests and the scenery too. Some people have gone even further and arranged their guests into a pattern or picture to be photographed from above.

Wedding ring delivery by drone

It’s almost a tradition for kids or small children to bring the wedding rings to the priest. What if you had drones deliver the rings instead? Especially if you’ve used a drone for the photos, you could double up it’s uses! Imagine how futuristic and awesome it would be if a drone came down to drop off the rings? Amazing!

Photo booth

Let your guests keep a copy of a photo with the wedding couple and their friends on the wedding day. Photo booths today can also produce GIFs making the experience more immersive and fun for the guests. They will most likely be full of lovely family and friend photos during the first half of the ceremony and then full of wonderful party photos during the reception.

Charging stations

Photos are the most important memories on a wedding. Your friends will take photos and upload them with your wedding hashtag and to keep the fun going, their phones have to be charged. You can gather a bunch of cables (android and iPhone) and set them up in a pretty way in one of the cocktail tables. Trust me your guests will be grateful and it can mean so many more records of the madness!


You can have guests from as far as other continents enjoy your wedding at the comfort of their homes. With the new 360-degree live-streams, you can stream the wedding and have those who couldn’t make it attend the wedding experience and have fun together with you. Facebook has 360-degree live-streams making it easier and fun to have your friends all over the world enjoy your big day together with you.

We can help you with a few of these options and the things we do not provide ourselves we can most likely provide via one of our partners. Do contact us today to discuss your options!

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