VR Wedding Venue Video

Wow Factor Wedding Venues Across the UK!

At Virtual Weddings, we love a WOW factor wedding venue, one that will come to life with our 360° wedding films. Being able to step back into your day time and time again and explore the venue and your day in all its glory is exhilarating. So, as you can imagine we are always on the hunt for new venues around the UK.

Getting Married at the Beach

The Most Beautiful Locations Around The World to Propose

The time has come now, and you feel the urge to propose to your lady. This is a very important phase in life, and everything has to be done out of love and romantically. This applies to even the location where you choose to propose. It is a significant moment in your life leading to the best and memorable event in life, and you have to get it right.

Imagine Live Streaming Your Wedding Day in Full 360 Degrees!

Have you ever thought of reliving your wedding over again? Sometimes, the little time it takes to do a wedding, and the impact it has on our lives isn’t enough to take it all in. During the wedding day, all the focus is on the groom and the bride, so they rarely have the time to enjoy their wedding like the invited guests. When you do a wedding and invite your friends, they often have a good time as compared to you since you have business to do and they are here to enjoy. What about reliving your wedding in full 360 degrees? If you had this chance, would you take it?

Is Virtual Reality Taking Over Our Lives?

Virtual reality is a thing now, and it’s very real and engaging as well. This technology has been spoken of but now it’s a thing to experience, and it’s going to change our lives in different ways. So many people are now versant with VR technology and its endless applications today. Well now that it’s here, how exactly is virtual reality going to change our lives? Is it already taking over our lives? Let’s take a look at the impact of virtual reality in the different fields in our lives.