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Newest Wedding Technology of 2019!

Planning a perfect wedding day is a hassle and a lot is involved in planning a wedding. What if you had a way of entertaining the guests and yourselves too on your wedding day. Something that is unique and so immersive that tales will be told of your wedding and how much fun it was? Well, technology is here to make this possible for you.

VR Wedding Video Watch

Will Virtual Reality Ever Rule the World?

Virtual reality is definitely going to change the world there is no doubt about that. So many aspects in the world today are getting revolutionized by virtual reality including gaming, medicine, wedding entertainment and much more. The impact of virtual reality in the world just can’t be ignored.

Imagine Live Streaming Your Wedding Day in Full 360 Degrees!

Have you ever thought of reliving your wedding over again? Sometimes, the little time it takes to do a wedding, and the impact it has on our lives isn’t enough to take it all in. During the wedding day, all the focus is on the groom and the bride, so they rarely have the time to enjoy their wedding like the invited guests. When you do a wedding and invite your friends, they often have a good time as compared to you since you have business to do and they are here to enjoy. What about reliving your wedding in full 360 degrees? If you had this chance, would you take it?

Our Top Wedding Destinations Abroad

A destination wedding opens you up to an endless list of top locations to hold your memorable big day. It doesn’t matter whether you have decided to elope, or you want to celebrate with close friends and family, but a destination wedding is the best. Imagine having to go to a wedding which is an adventure in itself. Celebrating with your partner in a place a bit different from the regular spots makes the day fun and gives you rich experiences of the same.