Our Top Wedding Destinations Abroad

A destination wedding opens you up to an endless list of top locations to hold your memorable big day. It doesn’t matter whether you have decided to elope, or you want to celebrate with close friends and family, but a destination wedding is the best. Imagine having to go to a wedding which is an adventure in itself. Celebrating with your partner in a place a bit different from the regular spots makes the day fun and gives you rich experiences of the same.

The Wedding Checklist – 10 Things to Remember

Weddings require a lot of planning – from selecting the wedding dress or tux, cake tastings to searching for the perfect venue, you can forget about important details. However, do not fret— we will carefully explain some things to remember and why.

Want To Get Married Abroad, But Worried About Your Guests?

Want to get married abroad? In years gone by the idea of holding your wedding abroad was a tough emotional decision. Would you be leaving out some friends and family by doing it? Would you miss those that couldn’t attend?

Our top 10 destinations for weddings abroad!

r some of us, the idea of getting married abroad is something we always dreamt of. You have always wanted that overseas wedding of a lifetime. But where do you go? What is on offer? We have pulled together a list of the top destinations for weddings abroad.

Virtual Weddings 360 Wedding Film

What is the difference between 360° video and VR?

As more and more visual platforms are introduced you could be forgiven for getting a little confused. Especially when so many people use the term 360° video and Virtual Reality (VR) so interchangeably. The reality is they are different mediums and have totally different characteristics.

What Is 360° Video And How Can I Use It?

What is 360° video then? 360° video is on everyone’s lips (and Facebook newsfeeds) right now, it’s everywhere, but what does it entail? The idea of capturing a special moment on camera is nothing new. We have all seen old videos of weddings, birthdays or other important moments in our lives. Through these captured moments we can relive what the day was like, remembering the feelings we had.

Virtual Weddings Promo Shoot

Monday the 12th of February was a monumental day at Virtual Weddings. We wanted to showcase what we can do for you. So we decided to use our 20 years of experience in the photography and filmmaking industry. We created a wedding for us to shoot and make a promotional trailer from.