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What is the difference between 360° video and VR?

As more and more visual platforms are introduced you could be forgiven for getting a little confused. Especially when so many people use the term 360° video and Virtual Reality (VR) so interchangeably. The reality is they are different mediums and have totally different characteristics.

What Is 360° Video And How Can I Use It?

What is 360° video then? 360° video is on everyone’s lips (and Facebook newsfeeds) right now, it’s everywhere, but what does it entail? The idea of capturing a special moment on camera is nothing new. We have all seen old videos of weddings, birthdays or other important moments in our lives. Through these captured moments we can relive what the day was like, remembering the feelings we had.

Virtual Weddings Promo Shoot

Monday the 12th of February was a monumental day at Virtual Weddings. We wanted to showcase what we can do for you. So we decided to use our 20 years of experience in the photography and filmmaking industry. We created a wedding for us to shoot and make a promotional trailer from.

Virtual Weddings Virtual Reality Wedding Films

Why a Virtual Reality Video?

First and foremost the technology is incredible! It won’t be long before linear video is the old way of doing things and 360° virtual reality filmmaking will be the standard way to capture and preserve your wedding day. With virtual reality film YOU choose what to watch, which direction you want to look in at any given moment in your wedding film.