Rachel and Robbie’s Feature film

This is the feature film of Rachel and Robbies wedding. This film is in 360° and is best viewed on a VR enabled device. You must watch through the Youtube app to enjoy the panoramic views although it can still be viewed on a desktop or a 4k smart TV and navigated using the arrow keys. The outdoor nature of this wedding was just so beautiful, we battled with gale force winds nearly taking the tipi up and lashing rain as well as super bright and breezy moments. Definitely a wedding to remember! Thank you for having us guys! At Virtual Weddings we specialise in creating Virtual Reality and 360 Live Streams of weddings around the world. Forget the standard wedding videographer and step into a fully immersive memory experience. Contact us if you would like to know more about booking us to make this for you or if you just want to say hello 🙂 www.virtualweddings.love info@virtualweddings.love 07707 512961

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